Xbox Series S is now cheaper than last-gen consoles in this eBay Australia deal

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Future)

Update June 28: If you thought AU$407 was cheap for the Xbox Series S, eBay is now selling it for AU$364.65, but with the usual annoying caveats. You need to buy it using Afterpay, and the relevant coupon code is PAYAFT15.

Original story:

Right now you'll probably need to spend around AU$560 for the last-gen PS4 Pro, or if you walk into an EB Games, you're looking at AU$439 for a new PS4 Slim. But eBay Australia is currently selling the next-gen Xbox Series S for a record-breaking AU$407.55. Which is crazy, really, but read on: there are caveats.

You'll need to be an eBay Plus subscriber to benefit. Once you've signed up for a free eBay Plus trial, you'll need to use the code PLUSF5 at checkout to get this price. We've got no idea how long this deal will last, so best get in quick if you want one of these.

The Xbox Series S usually retails for AU$499, and while it's not as powerful as its older sibling the Xbox Series X, it's still a great console if you want to jump into blockbuster games at 1080p with smooth framerates, not to mention the gift-that-keeps-on-giving that is Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox Series S also has the advantage of actually being available, with component shortages still affecting Series X supply. The SSD improves load times dramatically, too.

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