Xbox is working on a "premium cloud-based game streaming experience" with Samsung

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Samsung is working with Xbox on a "premium cloud-based game streaming experience" and it could be a new avenue for Project xCloud.

The Korean electronics company behind the Galaxy line of smart devices hosted its own special event on Tuesday where it talked about the future of its mobile projects. CNET reports that Samsung director of strategy David Park mentioned the aforementioned cloud-based collaboration between his company and Xbox during the presentation. He said more would be revealed in the future and left off the details there.

Though he didn't identify it by name, that sounds a lot like a reference to Microsoft's Project xCloud. The streaming service still hasn't had a proper launch yet, but it's already attracting interest with the promise of bridging the gap between playing your games at home and taking them along with you in your travels. When CNET reached out to Microsoft for more information on the collaboration, they confirmed that its new partnership with Samsung would fall under the xCloud umbrella.

"We believe players around the world should have access to great, high-quality games on the device of their choice," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "Working with partners like Samsung is an important step in our Project xCloud journey and will help make game streaming more accessible for gamers. We look forward to sharing more later this year."

The big-picture goal for xCloud is for it to let you play your Xbox games on pretty much any device you want, using controls and streaming quality that is optimized for your current device and network conditions. That bigger vision will inevitably arrive in smaller pieces, and it sounds like Samsung is positioning itself to be a key early part of Microsoft's approach to cloud gaming.

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