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Xbox consoles can stream Steam games using GeForce Now in the Edge browser

GeForce Now
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Xbox Insider users have discovered they can play Steam games on their consoles through GeForce Now.

Earlier this week on March 8, a YouTube video from channel Joe Chip appeared online, detailing the new workaround. It turns out that Xbox Insiders have access to the new Edge browser on their Xbox consoles, and it's through this browser that they can activate GeForce Now, and play Steam games then and there through the browser.

This opens up a massive doorway for Xbox users to play other console-exclusive games on Steam like Death Stranding, or smaller indie gems like Loop Hero. Additionally, these preview users can also run apps for Google Stadia and the Epic Games Store, meaning it's technically possible to run games from both platforms on the Xbox's Edge browser.

However, not all games are open to being played through this clever workaround. It turns out that if a game through Steam or the Epic Games Store requires a mouse and keyboard, it can't be played through the Xbox's Edge browser, as the console only supports a controller.

Elsewhere in the landscape of game streaming, reports are circulating that Microsoft is focusing on a browser-based streaming service for its xCloud streaming platform. Last month in February, it was claimed that Xbox was testing a browser-based streaming service, as a workaround for iOS users to play games on the go without having to go through the App Store, which had previously barred Xbox's streaming service, while it launched on Android with upwards of 100 games.

For a rundown of the best games to play on the go with Xbox, head over to our best Xbox Cloud gaming titles guide for more.

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