Xbox boss denies report of Microsoft acquiring Japanese developers

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has denied a report that the company is looking to acquire a Japanese development studio.

Late last week, a Bloomberg report cited multiple sources saying that Xbox was reportedly approaching a number of "small to big" Japanese development studios, with a view to acquire them. Now, Phil Spencer has thrown some doubt on the report in an interview with Gamespot.

"I don't think so," Spencer said, when asked if there was any truth to the report. "I mean, I'm not in every meeting that every team has, but I'll say not from me. Most of the opportunities that we've had to date have been a long-lasting relationship, and so, I don't think we're out there with our business card, throwing them out on the corner, trying to find people."

"I think that's not accurate," Spencer concluded, adding that he was incredibly excited to be able to spend more time with Japan-based developer Tango Gameworks. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it had purchased Bethesda parent company Zenimax Media Inc., including the list of development studios in the company's portfolio, like Tango Gameworks, Arkane, and others.

Elsewhere in the interview, Spencer revealed that he'd actually played FromSoftware's Elden Ring. The game has been entirely missing in action since it was first revealed at E3 2019, leading starved fans to create their very own version of the game, on a Discord server in which I'm a member. Yes, the wait has gotten that painful.

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