X-Men's 'X of Swords' event to come with a handbook giving insight into the 24+ part event

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The X-Men line's 'X of Swords' event has grown to a 24+-part series, but wait wait - to help you understand it all, they're also publishing a handbook profiling all of the major characters.

"The mutant nation of Krakoa faces its biggest challenge yet as their champions draw swords to defend the Earth," reads Marvel's description of the event. 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The X of Swords Handbook will be written by long-time Marvel writer/editor Mike O'Sullivan and the team of writers who write the company's Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe titles. The cover is drawn by Ron Lim.

"The dramatic new era for mutantkind takes center stage in the official handbook!," reads Marvel's description. "This all-new collection of X-Men-related profiles will bring you up-to-date on Apocalypse, Wolverine (Logan), Magik (Rasputin) and Meggan just in time for X OF SWORDS! This issue includes profiles for Cypher, Moira MacTaggert, two Captains Britain (Brian and Betsy Braddock) and Krakoa itself! Plus: the young Cable (Nathan Summers) and the X-Men!"

This is the second handbook Marvel has announced this year, after a similar project was announced for the concurrent Empyre event.

'X of Swords' kicks off in September with X of Swords: Creation #1, labeled 'Chapter One' on the 'X of Swords' checklist, with X-Factor #4 featuring 'Chapter Two' also in September.

The publisher has not announced a release date for the X of Swords Handbook, so stay tuned to Newsarama for more details on this and other X of Swords news.

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