X-Men spin-off Children of the Atom is still on the way

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X-Men group editor Jordan D. White has offered a direct, concise update on one of the previously solicited 'Dawn of X' X-Men titles that have not yet been rescheduled following the industry-wide shutdown of the comic book Direct Market due to COVID-19, confirming that Children of the Atom will indeed arrive ... eventually.

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"Yes!" White says bluntly in response to a Twitter fan question (opens in new tab) asking if the ongoing series will ever arrive.

One of several announced X-Men series yet to premiere, Children of the Atom focuses on younger "sidekicks" of the X-Men being mentored directly in the use of their powers by well-known adult mutants. Written by Vita Ayala with art from Bernard Chang, Children of the Atom #1 was originally scheduled to go on sale April 15, before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused shutdowns across the industry, from individual Direct Market retailers all the way up to Diamond Comic Distributors, the industry's leading (and prior to the pandemic, the only) distributor of comic books in North America.

Since the shipping of weekly comic books has resumed, most of the X-Men line has been put back on the schedule to catch up to Marvel's original publishing plan leading into 'X of Swords', including at least one other brand new title, the upcoming relaunch of X-Factor. However, Children of the Atom remains unscheduled, even with the publisher's plans through the end of October already confirmed.

That doesn't mean Children of the Atom won't release in 2020 at all (though that does seem to be a distinct possibility, given only November and December remain to be solicited) – it could just mean that if it hits before 'X of Swords' is done, Children of the Atom won't tie directly into the crossover.

White previously told Newsarama (opens in new tab) that some of the announced spin-offs would not see the light of day, given the unavoidable changes in Marvel's plans. He did not specify which series may not be released.

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