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X-COM Collection review

The ultimate in creepy turn-based strategy, now in high-value bundle form


  • Royalty of PC gaming
  • Turn-based terror
  • Brilliant and challenging


  • Weak Interceptor installment
  • Aged Enforcer installment
  • Dated graphics

In the interminable wait for the announcement of a new breed of X-Com games, there%26rsquo;s no reason for you not to revel in this most grand royalty of PC gaming. The X-Com games work like Thunderbirds: your teams are being called out to various hotspots throughout the world from a central equipping station (like Tracey Island) where tech upgrades are researched. Then, when you get your team to the relevant isometric area with alien feet scuttling just below the fog of war, turn-based terror ensues.

Our personal favorite is X-Com: Terror from the Deep (a definite contender for hardest strategy game of all time) but being able to nab this alongside X-Com: UFO Defense, Interceptor, Enforcer and Apocalypse for what roughly equals a movie ticket is an outright steal. That said Interceptor, (ropey Wing Commander wannabe) and Enforcer (ropey third-person action) haven%26rsquo;t exactly weathered time with their dignity intact.

Currently only available onSteam.

Oct 30, 2008

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These seminal works of early strategy mastery are still great, with a couple diversionary historical oddities included. Go get 'em on Steam, why don't ya?

US censor ratingTeen
Release date8 October 2008 (US), 8 October 2008 (UK)