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WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2008 review

Finally, someone's cut Triple H down to a manageable size... The Game is on!


  • Great graphics for PSP
  • Create a Wrestler addicting
  • Loading times are shorter


  • Lack of buttons hinders moves
  • Doesn't add enough to console versions
  • Counter moves feel hit and miss

Nov 13, 2007

For the grappling fan on the go, PSP SmackDown's the obvious choice. Cramming almost everything from its bigger cousins onto a Keebler-sized disc can't be easy, but Yuke's have just about managed it. This version's graphics have improved fractionally this year, and the Yokozuna-sized loading pauses that plagued earlier editions of the game seem to have been slimmed down a bit. What doesn't work quite so well is the control system. With lots of new moves and more emphasis on Ultimate Control moves, the lack of a right analogue stick or any trigger buttons undeniably hurts this edition of SmackDown. Countering seems a bit more hit and miss, and it's much trickier to nail all those moves you want to see being used.

One advantage that the PSP version does have is that it's the perfect game to tinker around with when you're bored, and here SmackDown's famously amazing Create a Wrestler mode shines. In fairness, there aren't that many new parts or moves - but that's only because almost everything you can think of, from the Bionic Elbow to moves you'll only ever see on the Japanese circuit like the Shining Wizard, is already included. Fiddling with settings and move sets is perfect bus-fodder - where else have you got the time to spend getting Hogan's chin just right?

More Info

DescriptionRip up the squared circle in yet another game from the WWE. Hopefully the Bra and Panties match returns, 'cause frankly not enough games have that mode.
PlatformPS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS
US censor ratingRating Pending