WoW keeps it PC

Blizzard has confirmed that it has no immediate plans to bring its insanely popular and dangerously addictive PC-only MMORPG, World of Warcraft, to consoles.

Paul Sams, Blizzard's vice president of business operations, explained that despite interest from the major platform holders, the company isn't ready to expand its franchise beyond the reach of PC gamers.

"While there is an interest [from console makers] and while that sounds cool to us, we're not going down that road at this time," Sams told CNN. "Once we get to the point where we feel we've achieved best of class and it's sustainable, then we'll start contemplating those types of things."

With over four million subscribers and a truly global appeal, it's easy to understand why Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo would welcome the lucrative franchise to their respective systems.

And as WoW's popularity and appeal continues to thrive, the likelihood of the game making the jump to consoles seemingly becomes inevitable.