Wow, Hololens' field of view is... not great

You know how Microsoft always show its Hololens AR visor like its the holodeck from Star Trek? Yeah, it's nothing like that. Here's what you're really getting:

Not quite the swirling cloud of immersive augmented reality presented when they get that fancy camera rig out at shows. And definitely not this, then:

I'd heard the field of view was restricted after a few E3 hands ons, but seeing it in action actually disappoints me a lot. The visor design gives the impression that far more of the 'lens' bit is in use, but the reality is that the shiny digital future promised is only happening in a restrictive post-it note sized area right in front of your face.

I took the above GIFs from the video below showing a trial of Hololens in medical research at the Western Reserve University. It's impressive technology from a work standpoint, but the entertainment/gaming/home use seems a lot less fun with that viewing window.

Leon Hurley
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