Wot, no Robotnik?

Thursday 12 October 2006
As the Xbox 360 and PS3 debut of Sonic the Hedgehog (and Shadow, and Silver, and bit-parts from various other speed-running, ring-jumping mammals) approaches, we've got our hands on artwork for four of the bosses you'll be facing off against.

Mechanical beasties that wouldn't look out of place in one of Sega's mech action titles, and a final boss that looks big enough to make even Sonic's spikes wilt in dismay, will all be crashing the hedgehog's 15th birthday like the party-poopers bosses are.

Above: The ferocious-looking Wyvern could have crashed in from an entirely different game

There's nothing worse than a pesky flying boss, except perhaps a pesky flying boss that's also a massive robotic dragon, like the Wyvern here. That head-mounted gun's a bit of overkill - and we'll be interested to see exactly who will be sitting in the cockpit.