World of Warcraft hits two million subs

World of Warcraft continues to put the massive in massively multiplayer online role-playing game with the news today that it now boasts over two million paying subscribers around the world.

"World of Warcraft continues to surpass all expectations as gamers around the world embrace it with overwhelming support," comments Mike Morhaime, boss of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment.

"We promise to continue supporting World of Warcraft with more updates and content. The new Battlegrounds are just the beginning of greater enhancements to come."

World of Warcraft is already the largest MMORPG in both North America and Europe and its global dominance will no doubt continue following the game's recent launch in China.

Prior to the game's official Chinese launch earlier this month, peak concurrency in the country during the open beta test topped 500,000 players, nearly equal to World of Warcraft's peak concurrency in its three other markets combined. That's a whole lot of orcs.