World of Nintendo

1) Rock mushrooms

Customise your Rock Band drum kit with these colourful mushroom pads. Shame you won’t be able to customise the Wii version of the game by downloading new tracks, but this is surely the next best thing. Check eBay to see when the next set is up for sale.

2)KK noise

Every Saturday night you can treat your ears to the soothing tones of KK Slider. Long-time Animal Crossing residents will probably have heard all his tunes by now, but this one’s new to us. It’s every song played at the same time - the sound of a mind in meltdown after TOO MUCH ANIMAL CROSSING.

3)Paper Mario DS

Not enough cash to buy a DS Lite? With just a pencil, a sheet of paper, mad art skills, a digital camera and some video-editing software, you could make one of these. Probably easier to save the money for the real thing, but much less impressive.

4)Pokemon literacy trophy

Help resurrect the art of letter-writing with these Pokemon telegram trophies. Each one opens up to reveal your message. They’re only available in Japan at the moment.

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