World of Nintendo

 If you want to get ahead, get a hat. Preferably one that makes you look like you’ve ripped the face off a Nintendo character and you’re wearing it like a macabre trophy. It puts the lotion on the goomba.

1) Virtual reality

Of all the interesting projects we’ve seen people use the Bluetooth-equipped Wii remote for, this has to be the most amazing. By connecting the remote to a PC and using a head-mounted sensor bar, Johnny Chung Lee turns an ordinary TV into a virtual reality screen. The effect is quite astonishing, and if Nintendo don’t snap this guy up for their R&D department pronto, somebody else surely will. There are full instructions and other Wii projects on his web page.

2) Mario quilt

Not bad for a first effort, eh? This monster Mario quilt (starring Bowser) is too big to fit on its creator’s wall, but aren’t you supposed to put quilts on beds? What are quilts for? What are quilts?

3) Goomba hat

Gaming T-shirts are easy to come by, but gaming hats are less common. Although there must be a huge untapped market for this sort of thing, the only way you’re going to be able to dress the top of your head like a Goomba’s face is if you’re handy with the old knitting needles - like this person evidently is.

4) KK Slider Hat

Alternatively, your gaming headgear needs could be met on, where designers sell their wares to those of us who are less than talented with a sewing kit. This custom-made KK Slider hat only costs a tenner, and its creator even takes requests for other game-related millinery.

5) Nintendo party

The most elaborate table centerpiece any of us ever had at a birthday party was a red jelly in the shape of a rabbit with tinned mandarin segments suspended inside. Tasty, it was, but not quite as impressive as these expert pieces of Nintendo-themed party decor.