World famous Bros. to smash again on the Revolution

We've known about the Revolution for almost two years now and have barely heard a peep about actual software coming out for the system. But of the few titles confirmed, multiplayer beat 'em up Super Smash Bros. is the first to make us slightly wee ourselves in anticipation. We threw some classic screens up just to honor the occasion.

To say little is known is … about all we can say. Other than the fact that it'll exist, nothing is currently known. But for, oh, a few million Nintendo fans, just being aware that it's on the way is news enough.

So what can we say? It's a fair assumption the game will have some type of online play, as the Revolution supports Wi-Fi gaming from the get-go. You can also bet Nintendo's reliable stable of lucrative characters will return in full form, no doubt boasting some form of motion-controlled mayhem. There's an equally good chance the game could use this phantom controller shell we've all heard so much about and never seen, skipping the wand entirely and going with what works. This wouldn't be too surprising, considering the level of quality the world is expecting from the next Smash Bros.

The last in the series, 2001's Melee, one-upped its meager Nintendo 64 predecessor by adding nearly every character that's graced a Nintendo console. Pitting Mario against Link, Princess Peach against Zelda and Bowser versus Donkey Kong in an all out battle for supremacy is a feeling that's yet to be rivaled in a party fighter. Taking this series online could be the smartest thing Nintendo does with the Revolution.

Luckily Masahiro Sakurai, director of the N64 and GameCube Smash titles, is back on the case with a huge new development team. Super Smash Bros. Melee was one of the first GameCube titles but still commands a powerful presence on Nintendo sales charts. If anyone can deliver that same old school beat 'em up feel (and massive Nintendo fan service), it's this team. Previous Smash developer HAL is also lending its knowledge to the project that will give the Revolution an instant must-have title when it launches later this year.