Woman On Top review

Sexy Latin cook Isabella (Penelope Cruz) isn't happy slaving away at her husband Toninho's (Murilo Benicio) beachfront restaurant. When she catches him cheating on her, she packs her bags and leaves Brazil to start a new life in San Francisco. But is there a place for the naïve country chef in the big city?

Look away for a moment here and you'll miss out on another voodoo god, another painting coming to life, another love spell working... Woman On Top clearly and dearly yearns to be a spellbinding exercise in magical realism. Trouble is, Fina Torres' film lacks any lightness of touch and, even at only 80-odd minutes, still plods.

Penelope Cruz is just fine as the gorgeous Brazilian (no great stretch there). But Woman On Top needs more pace, life and wit than shots of Cruz looking winsome to succeed.

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