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Everything you need to know about the Witcher before playing Wild Hunt

Loc Muinne with Iorveth

Upon arriving in Loc Muinne, Geralt and Iorveth discover Philippa Eilhart has been taken prisoner and choose to aid in her escape or rescue Triss. Helping Eilhart escape gives Geralt a dagger that can break the spell over Saskia. Geralt soon discovers the plot of the mages was to use Saskia's dragon form as leverage in an effort to re-establish a Mage Conclave. The group of mages have hired Letho along with other Witcher assassins to kill neighboring kings in order to weaken their stranglehold on the region. Geralt then discovers that Letho has once again betrayed a contract, learning he has turned against Sle de Tansarville.

Still under mind control, Saskia attacks Geralt in dragon form. If he helped Philippa escape, he may use the dagger to break the spell. If Geralt chose to save Triss, he must kill the dragon.

The story following Roche

If Geralt assists Roche, the two eventually sail to Aedirn and learn of a rebel plot against the Kaedwen King. The two decide to aid King Henselt, despite the fact that the king appears to be completely amoral and carries himself with an arrogant sense of immunity. Geralt discovers an insurgency within the King's army believes Henselt is conspiring with the Nilfgaard empire. In his time working to protect the King, Geralt uncovers Triss Merigold's whereabouts. Eventually Geralt defends King Henselt from two Witcher assassins before uncovering they are working with the sorceresses Sle de Tansarville and Philippa Eilhart. Once discovered, Sle de Tansarville flees to Loc Muinne with Philippa Eilhart and Saskia, where Triss is being held.

Henselt's vicious character comes forward even further after the plot to destroy him fails. The king first rapes Ves - the lone female soldier in Roche's Blue Stripes special forces unit - and then has the rest of Roche's men killed in retaliation for spreading rumors about the Kings support of the Nilfgaard empire.

The player may decide to allow Roche to kill King Henselt in revenge, causing a civil war in the region, or to spare the king.

Loc Muinne with Roche

Geralt and Roche learn that, in an attempt to kidnap King Foltest's illegitimate children, Foltest's son has been killed. Geralt must then choose to rescue Foltest's daughter, Anais, or continue in his search for Triss. If Anais is saved, she is either return to Temeria to become a 'great leader' or brought to the region of Redania where she is expected to eventually grow to marry.

Eventually Geralt confronts Sle de Tansarville, learns Letho has betrayed her, and is attacked by the dragon. Geralt may either kill the dragon or leave it wounded; regardless of his choice, Geralt never learns the dragon's true identity if he choses to side with Roche.

Conclave or witch hunt

If Geralt rescues Triss Merigold, the Mage Conclave is re-established and they work to seal Loc Muinne. Later, on his way to confront Letho, Geralt sees Roche defending Anais from a group of attacking soldiers. Geralt may choose to help him; regardless, Geralt learns the once Commander of the Blue Stripes has now been labeled an outlaw.

If Geralt saves either Philippa or Anais, Letho blames the deaths of each king in the northern region on Sle de Tansarville and a witch hunt of Salem, Massachusetts, level proportions ensues. Additionally, Iorveth is labeled 'public enemy number one'. Letho then saves Triss himself and reveals that he and Geralt were once allies. Letho also reveals that the plots to kill the kings of the north were all in an attempt to destabilize the region in preparation for a Nilfgaard invasion. Letho says he only agreed to the plan because the Emperor of Nilfgaard promised he could re-establish his Witcher school.

Geralt may choose to either kill or spare both Letho and Sle de Tansarville in their final confrontations.


By the end of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Geralt has regained his lost memories. He remembers that he and his true love, a sorceress named Yennefer of Vengerberg, were attacked and killed by an angry mob out for non-human blood. Thanks to his adopted daughter, a young but powerful sorcerer named Ciri, the pair were revived and brought to safety before she absconded to forge her own path. Geralt recalls that Ciri, like Alvin and Jacques, is a Source.

Geralt remembers that once they were revived, his peaceful existence with Yennefer did not last. She was soon kidnapped for her power by the Wild Hunt, a vicious group of Wraith-like warriors that terrorize the land. Geralt, with his friend Letho in tow, gave chase to the group and offers his soul in exchange for Yennefer. Their leader accepts the trade immediately.

Geralt escapes the Wild Hunt and eventually finds his way near the last Witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen near death and with no memory of his past.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Nilfgaard begins its invasion of the north. Geralt has recovered his lost memories and he knows Yennefer, his true love, is being held somewhere within the advancing army's territory. The story of Geralt, the Witcher, is coming to an end.