Winter Holidays 2011: What is your MMO planning?

As the number of MMOs out on the market continues to shift up and down, the one thing you can truly count on is that each and every one of them will have some kind of holiday event or update. This can be as simple as a piece of content for players to view, or as complex as entire quests devoted to making sure presents are received on time.

In the interest of helping you prepare (or just jump back in for a bit of holiday cheer), we’ve compiled a list of which of your favorite MMOs have winter holiday events or festivities planned, and what they have up their sleeves. Time for presents!

Age of Conan

Age of Conan kicks things off right with its seasonal Winter Solstice event. From now until Jan. 9, those who think themselves worthy can gather up new items and participate in special solo and group quests against Gymir Bloodbeard and the Vanir raiders under his command.


It wouldn’t quite be this time of year without good ol’ Santanyerk’s Solorius. Aion’s very own cheerful holiday comes complete with double-up experience weekends, crab quests and crab loot. In addition, one can purchase what looks like the world’s most unintentionally strange set of avatar skins. Act now, as these wonderful things will only last until Jan. 11.

Anarchy Online

Every year, Anarchy Online’s Rubi-Ka is visited by Santaleet, who brings good cheer to all the good players. Not only are they brought items like snowman masks or snowblowers, but they can also help cleanse a horrible darkness from the bowels of Santaleet’s Workshop.

City of Heroes

In City of Heroes, winter has arrived. Tagging along with winter, heroes can expect to fend off such dastardly and deadly attacks like Lady Winter’s assaults and the theft of Baby New Year. Also, there are a number of assorted goodies one can receive by either simply logging in during the event, or by finding randomly generated packages.

Combat Arms

The fine folks over at Nexon have issued a challenge to all of their Combat Arms players. In an event they are hailing as the "Festival of Bullets," players can face off against developers. True, it’s not stated that you’ll necessarily receive anything for competing, but you will get eternal bragging rights should you actually win.

It’s only fair.

Dark Age of Camelot

The Midwinter Festival has come to the realms, and it’s brought special quests with it as well as goodies. There are multiple quests for a variety of levels, with at least one being available for all levels. Even the Tavern Keepers are getting in the spirit and have decorated their humble establishments.

DC Universe Online

Both Gotham and Metropolis will be all decorated for the holiday season, but not everyone is quite as festive around this time of year. Larfleeze, erstwhile leader of the Orange Lanterns, is having none of it and is stealing gifts from heroes and villains indiscriminately. This time, the Grinch has powers.

Dragon Nest

The Winter Festival has come to the world of Dragon Nest! Not only can players give special Holiday cards to NPCs, they can also participate in various events and quests being hosted. One quest requires tracking down lost ornaments while another entails extending holiday wishes to a monster.

Dungeon Fighter Online

The good people at Nexon have decided to offer up special Holiday Horror packages to those who wish to purchase them. Coming in two types, Standard and Ultimate, the packages vary, with some being primarily holiday item sets that provide bonuses, while also making the fighters resemble monsters themselves.

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