Win our brand new Wii

We here at GamesRadar love our readers. Not to the point that we'd let you live with us or do some kind of "pay it forward" thing and hand you our car keys, but we do love you. And we're going to prove it by acting like stooges and then giving you a Wii.

Just click over to where we're subjecting ourselves to a goofy-looking, gladiator-style battle for gaming supremacy. Look at the current tournament brackets and watch the video. Study the steely-eyed gaze of each contestant and bask in the realization that only our love and devotion for you, dear reader, could cajole us into playing Wii when some dude from promotions was standing there with a camcorder.

Most importantly, make your best guesses about who's going to win each match by clicking on that person's portrait. Check back every few days, and keep voting as the tourney progresses. Eventually, only one GamesRadar staffer will be left...

That's where you come in. If you've attempted to guess every match, you'll win the grand prize: the chance to come to the lovely GamesRadar offices, step to our champion's admittedly mad remote-and-nunchuk skillz and walk away with a shiny, new Nintendo Wii - complete with our five favorite Wii games. Even if you don't take the grand prize maybe you win the only slightly less awe-inspiring runner-up reward: a brand-spanky new Wii. All for just clicking the mouse a few times? Must be... dare we say it? Love.

Now, get over there and start picking your winners - as our Russian trainer Voklov says, "Huggy-time is over. Now is face-ripping and head cutting." We must prepare for your visit.

Above: Go here and get your Wii. You know you want it

April 26, 2007

Eric Bratcher
I was the founding Executive Editor/Editor in Chief here at GR, charged with making sure we published great stories every day without burning down the building or getting sued. Which isn't nearly as easy as you might imagine. I don't work for GR any longer, but I still come here - why wouldn't I? It's awesome. I'm a fairly average person who has nursed an above average love of video games since I first played Pong just over 30 years ago. I entered the games journalism world as a freelancer and have since been on staff at the magazines Next Generation and PSM before coming over to GamesRadar. Outside of gaming, I also love music (especially classic metal and hard rock), my lovely wife, my pet pig Bacon, Japanese monster movies, and my dented, now dearly departed '89 Ranger pickup truck. I pray sincerely. I cheer for the Bears, Bulls, and White Sox. And behind Tyler Nagata, I am probably the GR staffer least likely to get arrested... again.