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If you paid any attention to Comic-Con 2009 (and based onour experiencethere, about a billion of you did), you no doubt heard about Capcom’s amazingly generous giveaway: a remix soundtrack to Marvel vs Capcom 2, with music provided by 10 proven hip hop artists such as DJ Qbert, Talib Kweli and Raekwon. Oh, and it’s an actual, playable record.

Above: We’ve got two just for you (and you)

TO WIN: Head to thisforum threadand show us why you deserve to have such a unique piece of gaming history. We’ve got one for the biggest Marvel fan and one for the biggest Capcom fan. We want to see pictures, game collections, action figures, tattoos, whatever you got, just leave us with no doubt as to why YOU need this record.

Above: Second place

A slightly less glamorous second place winner gets this grab-bag of random Capcom goodies,including itemsfrom Bionic Commando to January’s Dark Void. You know that girl you’ve been trying to work up the courage to talk to? She would be so impressed by this.

Above: And then there’s third place

Finally we have a Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles t-shirt. Two, in fact. Yeah, a t-shirt is kinda OK, but flip these inside out and you become a prestigious member of the walking undead.

Again, to enter you must visit theforum threadfor this contest. Official rules are on the next page, which you’ll want to read in full as they’re a riveting tale of obligations, subsidiaries and affiliates. Truly the talk of the town.

Winners will be announced on October 30 during the third segment of the TalkRadar podcast, which will be posted on (that’s episode 75 for those counting).

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