Win a Blu-ray of The Day of the Triffids

John Duttine and Emma Relph in The Day of the Triffids.
(Image credit: BBC)

In John Wyndham's classic 1951 novel The Day of the Triffids, most of the world's population is blinded by watching fantastic lights in the sky. Bad news for humanity, as civilisation swiftly begins to fall apart, but good news for the Triffids: walking plants which lash out at people with a poisonous sting, then feed off their decomposing corpses… 

The story's been adapted for radio, television and film numerous times, but we reckon the best version is the BBC's six-part 1981 serial, starring John Duttine as former Triffid farmer Bill Masen. It's now been cleaned up for its first HD release. The footage shot on film has been restored from the original 16mm and 35mm negatives, with thousands of instances of dirt being removed, as well as blemishes and scratches fixed. Scenes not on film have been scaled up from standard definition to high definition, the idea being to prevent them standing out. 

The Day of the Triffids is available to buy on Blu-ray now, but thanks to the BBC we have five copies to give away. To put your name in the hat for the chance to win one, simply answer the question below. 

(Image credit: BBC)
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