Win 15 DVDs by watching Dead Space: Downfall on Blu-ray

You want DVDs. We want cheat codes. We have a solution.

Here in the GamesRadar offices, we firmly believe that playing videogames is the best thing you can do on a couch that won’t make you gag if your grandmother wants to join you. However, watching movies runs a close second (playing “Guess the Stain” was nominated as well, but only by one editor. We don’t go over to his house anymore). So, when the good people of Anchor Bay entertainment offered us a huge raft of DVDs to give away, we leaped at the chance.

You’ll need to check outthis forum threadto get all the fine-print details (you can’t live in Iceland, etc.), but here’s how it basically works.

1. Go buy or rent the Blu-ray disc version of Dead Space: Downfall. It’s the animated prequel to publisher Electronic Arts’ chilling new survival horror game Dead Space, which you should also play because it rocks and you can stomp the heads off zombies.

2. Watch it. Then dig around the disc, including menus and bonus bits, until you find easter eggs that reveal four Dead Space cheat codes – two for 360 and two for PS3. Note: These are NOT the same codes as the ones hidden on the regular DVD. These are different. And they’re a bastard to find.

3. Take pictures of your TV screen showing the codes – all four of them - and post the pics inthis forum thread. Don’t say where they are though. You don’t want to spoil it for the other folks.

4. Go to and start picking out DVDs.

That’s it! The first person to correctly reveal all four codes will get a whopping stack of his/her choice of 15 single DVDs from the Anchor Bay lineup ( The second and third people to post it will find themselves bequeathed with their choice of 5 DVDs from Anchor Bay. If you happen to be one of those people, we’ll contact you for your DVD choices and mailing address.

Check outthe submissionsso far.

Nov 03, 2008