Wild Country review

Scotland: dark, foggy, wet. Tailor-made for horror, right? Yet, The Wicker Man and Dog Soldiers aside, little springs to mind. Time then for Craig Strachan's Wild Country, a werewolf movie set in the Scottish Highlands.

After reluctantly handing over her baby for adoption, schoolgirl Kelly Ann (Samantha Shields) goes on a cross-country hike with four friends. Dropped off in the middle of nowhere by local priest Father Steve (Peter Capaldi), the five find an abandoned infant and then become the quarry for a bloodthirsty beast in the dead of night.

Creating an odd hybrid somewhere between Gregory's Girl and The Blair Witch Project, Strachan deftly blends gore with documentary realism and black comedy to offer adequate horror with a distinctly Scottish flavour. You'll never look at Monarch Of The Glen in the same way again.

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