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Wik: Fable of Souls - Xbox Live Arcade review

Freaky half-frog/half-troll doll hybrid swings onto Live Arcade ... frightening children everywhere


  • Frantic pacing
  • Creative control limitations
  • Increasing puzzle challenge


  • Stupid grub-stealin' gnats
  • Fairly repetitive
  • Falling to your death in later levels

An odd mix of platforming action and goody-collecting/puzzle-solving, Wik: Fable of Souls balances frantic pacing and thought-provoking strategy. It's not often that we're stricken with the desire to swing by our tongues, but Wik has altered our perspective.

Centering on the fact that the main character Wik can't walk at all, this game forces you to use his other unique talents to grab glowing grubs. Wik can jump, but not terribly far, so he must use his sticky tongue as a grappling hook to swing around the screen sucking up grubs and spitting them at his weird little mule creature called a Slotham. Why? Who knows ... but you have to do it before giant gnats can steal the grubs or you die (inexplicably). You also die (again, inexplicably) if your Slotham walks off-screen, which puts a fairly generous time limit on Wik's success.

More Info

DescriptionWik is a creepy little monkey-man with a sticky tongue that swings from tree limbs in his frantic pursuit of glowing grubs and bitter revenge
PlatformXbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date15 December 2005 (US), 15 December 2005 (UK)