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Wii Chess review

Full price for this? We're being rooked


  • Chess itself is great
  • Replay of saved games is nice
  • AI difficulty has good curve


  • Awful elevator music
  • Ugly
  • personality-free 2D graphics
  • Poor controls

Precious few details about Wii Chess were disclosed to the press prior to its release, but we could just imagine what those fun-wielding maniacs at Nintendo would come up with. The old playing pieces of yore abandoned in favour of Nintendo-themed chess sets, with cute little animations as a bishop-Link slices a Toad-pawn in half, for example. Even accounting for the fact that it comes from the more po-faced ‘Wii Something-Or-Other’ lineage, there’s still scope for charm, with customisable sets drawing from the Mii Channel, letting us move pieces round with the same head-tweezer technique seen in the Mii Plaza.

More Info

DescriptionDespite being fundamentally solid, there aren't enough features here to make Wii Chess a viable buy.
UK censor rating3+
Release date(US), 18 January 2008 (UK)