Why Logitech G’s new G305 is an exceptional, must-own gaming mouse


Gaming is rarely a level playing field. You might have all the skills, but there's always the possibility that you're going to find yourself up against someone with better gear than you. While having the best hardware doesn't make up for a lack of skill, the fact is that having responsive, dependable gear can give you just the edge you need in an otherwise even match.

Performance tends to come at a price, though. If you want the latest cutting-edge tech, the expectation is you're going to have to pay a lot for the competitive advantage it’s going to bring you.

However, Logitech G's new G305 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse is an exception to this rule, and one that you're going to want to add to your gaming armory as quickly as possible. It's a lightweight and portable wireless gaming mouse that delivers Pro grade, competition-level performance at an unbeatable price that makes it accessible to everyone.


The secret behind the G305's exceptional responsiveness is Logitech G's LIGHTSPEED technology. Thanks to smart engineering and design, Logitech G has created a wireless system that addresses the fundamental problems of latency, stability and connectivity, resulting in pro-grade performance that is better than many wired gaming mice.

Tested for maximum performance in the most wireless-saturated gaming environments, and approved by esports professionals, LIGHTSPEED technology is designed to go as fast as your brain can process thanks to a blistering 1ms report rate. Even in the most frantic, lightning-paced MOBA where milliseconds can mean the difference between crushing defeat and glorious victory, the G305 will never leave you hanging.

And there's more to the G305 than its LIGHTSPEED-enabled performance. It also boasts exceptional accuracy and efficiency thanks to Logitech G's next-gen HERO sensor. Three years in development, the HERO sensor responds to even your fastest swipes with pinpoint precision. It can cope at velocities over 400 IPS (inches per second) across the full DPI range. Unlike most sensors from other competitors, the HERO sensor does this without requiring the use of smoothing or filtering processes, which add significant latency to mouse movements.

Maximum power

As well as unequalled accuracy, HERO sensor also gives the G305 ten times the power efficiency of previous sensors, providing truly astonishing battery life. If you're playing in Performance mode with that all-important 1ms report rate, you can expect 250 hours of continuous play before the G305 gives up the ghost—although you don’t need to worry about it running out of juice in the middle of a game. The G305 will give you ample warning with its battery indicator light that flashes red when you're down to 15% battery remaining.

Realistically, though, you're not going to need that lightning-fast Performance mode all the time. The G305 has another trick up its sleeve: Endurance mode, with a more leisurely 8ms report rate that's suitable for day-to-day desktop use. Enable this and you'll get up to nine months of continuous use, meaning that your biggest problem is remembering where you stashed the batteries when it's time to fit a new one.

You read that last bit right, by the way. The G305's HERO sensor manages to squeeze all that life out of just a single AA battery, which also helps bring its weight right down. Rather than being a stereotypical bulky wireless heavyweight, the G305 will amaze you with its lightweight build and effortless maneuverability.

Compact and portable

Thanks to its efficient mechanical construction and ultra-economic power usage, the G305 weighs in at just 99 grams, making it a joy to use even over the most intense gaming marathons. It's designed for portability, too. Its design makes it a perfect desktop mouse, but when you're heading off to a gaming weekender it's ready to go with you. Simply unplug the nano receiver from your PC and pop it into the G305's built-in storage, and you can throw it into a bag to take with you on your travels.

The G305 features six programmable buttons, ensuring that the commands you'll need for any game are always right at your fingertips. Advanced tensioning on the main buttons also gives you crisp and consistent click performance that you can rely on time after time, and also reduces the force required to click so that you can play for longer without your hand getting cramped up.

Available now

It all adds up to an unmissable pro gaming package, and the only thing missing is the pro price tag. The G305 gives you all the performance that esports professionals demand, but for an absurdly reasonable $59 complete with free shipping. It's available from Logitech G right now, so order today if you want to tip the playing field more to your advantage.

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