Why does Captain America call Emma Frost "Mommy"???

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 art
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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 from writers Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly, artists Carmen Carnero and Nolan Woodward, and letterer Joe Caramagna picks up where the previous issue left off - with Steve Rogers waking up in the middle of a farm in Oklahoma while Manhattan has been captured inside an AIM forcefield. 

To uncover the mystery of how Cap and his allies got where they are, they must enlist the help of a psychic, none other than Emma Frost, as foretold by the issue's cover. But is there more to Cap and Emma's relationship than a simple favor between allies?

There's a very … specific … dynamic between the two on display in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 that hints at something a little more adult than one might usually expect from Captain America.

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See, in order to call on Emma Frost, Steve has to psychically 'shout' a specific word at Emma, so she can catch his psionic broadcast. But uh… it's not just any word. 

As Steve explains how he met Emma Frost at the Hellfire Gala (while also implying there may have been a romantic dalliance between the two), he hems and haws around actually calling her in front of his recently returned paramour Sharon Carter, who finally tells him to cut the crap and make the call.

So right there, in front of his own girlfriend and everyone else, Steve sends out his psychic signal to Emma Frost, loudly thinking his call word for her: "Mommy."

Now, we're all adults here (at least on this side of the screen), so we're gonna assume most people reading this don't need a whole explanation of the implication here - at least, not the gritty details of how the internet is likely to read such a scene...


Okay, after taking a moment, that on the table, the implications are kinda funny. It's possible Emma Frost has taken the opportunity to embarrass Steve Rogers just out of her own sense of humor. Or it's possible that … well … maybe the next fight between the Avengers and X-Men could go a totally different direction.

And that's enough said about that...

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #9 goes on sale February 1.

Would Steve Rogers and Emma Frost make the list of best superhero super couples if they ever actually dated?

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