Why 2D will never die

There aren't any full-price, fully 2D games on next-gen. No platformers, no shooters, no top-down RPGs - not even any 2D fighters. The third dimension has swallowed them all and banished TWAZA (Those Without A 'Z' Axis) to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for evermore.

Or so you might think. Part the 3D bushes and you'll start to see two familiar lines. They're labelled X and Y. They may be hidden away very cleverly, but they're still a fundamental aspect of many 3D games. Their trademarks and characteristics will never die, no matter how fancy 3D worlds become. 2D is still a vital, integral part of gaming - and not only is it here to stay, but it's evident in many of the games you love the most.

Don't believe us? Click on through and we'll show you why even your PS3's got itsNES genes on display.