White Noise: The Light review

“You’re in uncharted territory!” a doctor tells Nathan Fillion’s grieving widower in this follow-up to Michael Keaton’s 2005 chiller. Ah, if only. Shamelessly lifting plot elements from The Dead Zone, The Sixth Sense and Final Destination, this is less a sequel than a greatest hits compilation, complete with a demonic twist that’s diabolical in every sense of the word.

Capable of receiving EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) after a NDE (near-death experience) leaves him almost DOA, Fillion finds he can spot the soon-to-be-deceased from the Ready Brek glow they acquire shortly before the Grim Reaper swings his scythe. Alas, those he protects turn into homicidal maniacs once three days have elapsed, forcing Nate to turn murderer to prevent greater loss of life. A real Franken-feature, then – something a nudge-nudge nod to Bride Of Frankenstein does nothing to dispel.

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