White Knight rides on PS3

One of TGS' brand new PlayStation 3 announcements was White Knight Story, a new title from the makers of Dark Chronicle and Dragon Quest VIII. We've got the first trailer right here - check the movies tab above for the goodness - and it's looking like a good reason to mortgage your organs for Sony's new machine.

White Knight's focuses are on animation and scale, both of which you can get a feel for in the battle footage that looks like some heavenly cross between Oblivion and Final Fantasy XII. Much, much more is promised, though, with creatures intended to convey the same sense of size as PS2's Shadow of the Colossus (in fact, one of White Knight's cities is carried on the back of a massive, many-legged turtle).

Above: The White Knight himself ready for action.

As you'll also see in the trailer, the fairly ordinary-looking plucky young hero also has the power to transform into the White Knight of the title, providing an increase in power and size that will allow him to tackle the bigger foes.

At least a year away from release - during which time we might finally get to play developer Level-5's previous original RPG on PS2, Rogue Galaxy - we think you'll agree PS3's shaping up pretty nicely for RPG fans.

September 22, 2006