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What's your favorite guilty pleasure game?

Look, you've had a really long day, the boss was breathing down your neck and it seemed like that to-do list would never get finished. But now you're home, ready to relax and escape to… anywhere. You fire up your old standard, but let's be real--this isn't a game you talk about with your friends. It's not even critically acclaimed, it might not be good, but it's a game that when you play it you can unwind and enjoy yourself.

What's your favorite guilty pleasure game?

After a taxing day at work, I like to come home and fire up Dead Island. I know, I know, it's buggy and there are better games out there, but who cares. I love smashing zombie skulls and exploring a horrific tropical island, sue me. It's a game I know what to expect from and what I always find is deeply enjoyable.

What's your answer? Let us know in the comments what it is, and why you love it!

Community Manager for Gamesradar