What's Shigeru Miyamoto's favorite Mario game?

Miyamoto gave that answer toUSA Todayin an interview, sayingthat Super Mario World"included, of course, all the action you saw in Super Mario Bros., but it also had the map features, so it also had that element of players having to think about where they were going and what they were going to do next."

He also added that the team behind the project was extremely talented. Many of them went on to become producers and directors, he said.

The game, originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, is a favorite of many Mario devotees. It provided a unique and addicting gameplay style, andits visual presentation was colorful and brilliant -a huge leap forward from the NES titles that proceeded it.

It was also the game that premiered Yoshi, everyone's favorite little dinosaur... thing.

2010 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Mario. The little red plumber has come a long way, appearing in dozens of games, starring in multiple TV shows and a movie, and even getting his own short-lived line of flavors sodas.

Above: Ah, so many memories

[Source:USA Today]

Nov 9, 2010