We're not riding just on Halo 3, says MS

Microsoft development group boss Chris Satchell recently talked-up the Xbox 360's 2007 line-up, telling us that the company isn't relying on "just Halo 3."

"What we're riding on is the whole portfolio," he said. "We've got the biggest games coming out throughout the year and I think people are going to look at the whole portfolio and say that's the reason to go and buy the console, not just Halo 3.

"You've seen the games like Mass Effect - which is just phenomenal, Halo 3, GRAW 2 because I love GRAW." He continues: "You've got Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Forza Motorsport 2 - and those are all first-party, if you look at third-party stuff as well there's just amazing games coming out like the next installment of Splinter Cell."

MS got its '07 campaign off to a kicking start with Lost Planet and Realtime World's Crackdown, and Guitar Hero II landing last week. Moving further through the calendar Forza Motorsport 2 is penciled for May, cross-platform blaster Shadowrun in June and BioWare's sexy RPG Mass Effect somewhere thereafter.

April 11, 2007