Wear corpses in the next game from Guacamelee devs, coming to Vita April 26

Drinkbox Studios' Guacamelee! (opens in new tab) married brawling, platforming, and luchadors in a beautiful package, so it should be no surprise that the dev's next game would be just as weird, wild, and colorful. Severed is a first-person dungeon crawler where you not only cut your way through monsters, but you then use the pieces you cut off as gear.

It's twisted but gorgeous, and it's coming to Vita on April 26.

There's no home console version of Severed planned just yet - I know, a Vita exclusive in 2016! - but you never know with these things. Tearaway (opens in new tab) came to PS4 after a two-year window on Sony's handheld, so there's precedent at least. That being said, I imagine the reliance on touch controls would make a home port tricky, so I'd say an iPhone/Android version is a bit more likely.

Okay, maybe I'm just hoping extra hard that Severed doesn't stay limited to Vita because this game looks super fun and I think we all deserve the chance to check it out.

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Sam Prell

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