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Watch the Anthem short, and we mean short, movie from Neill Blomkamp here

Any new work from District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp is a good thing, and his Anthem game collaboration Conviction is beautiful. Rich visuals, an intriguing snippet of lore, and the Javelin exosuits have never looked better. But at under four minutes long, it's over all too soon.

We see a mother, dressed in finery, telling the story of a people who were once slaves to the Urgoth, but rebelled and gained their freedom. They built walls to stay safe. Then we get teases for bigger stories: a young girl is found beyond the walls, a father is promised he will see his son again, a Darth Vader-esque villain is introduced. You can expect emotion, excitement, and Blomkamp's trademark spectacular sci-fi vision, just don't expect any closure. We won't get any answers from the game's story either, as Conviction is set decades before the events of the game. 

Anthem itself will be released on February 22; until then you can find out all about how BioWare built it as a multiplayer game with a single-player story 

Rachel Weber

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