It's a tale as old as time: three separate races arrive on a resource-rich planet of their collective dreams and are forced to blast away at each other until two of the races have been completely annihilated. Why these dudes can't share baffles us all, but it would make for an awfully boring shooter if they weren't warring, so we just have to accept the flimsy story and move on. WarPath adheres to this formula by providing players the option of fighting for the planet-eating Ohm, the homeless human Coalition or the Kovos (the religious zealots of the crew).

Each of these three contending races comes withits own arsenal of death-dealers, and each of these weapons can be upgraded up to three times. The upgrades can be anything from adding a homing feature to a rocket launcher to providing Night Vision functionality to a sniper rifle. Add three land-based vehicles to the mix and you've got a decent number of ways to down your foes.

The multiplayer game is split up among four standard game types, including capture the flag, frontline assault (an expanded king-of-the-hill game) and Death Match (both solo and team). Battles rage across 25 different locations on the planet Kaladi, ranging from frigid wastes to molten-walled, labyrinthine tunnels.

Playing by yourself, the game becomes a combination of strategy and marksmanship. While not particularly story-driven, WarPath divides its world map into severalhexagonal sections.Your objective is obviously the conquest of each six-sided territory. As you progress along, capturing the individual hexs, you'll earn upgrades in proportion to each level's difficulty.