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Warp video preview if Solid Snake and Splosion Man had a murderous alien baby

The first thing we noticed about Warp, a new stealth-based puzzle game for XBLA, PSN and PC, was the blood. Our protagonist, seemingly nothing but an adorable orange blob with eyes, was trying to escape a top-secret laboratory. He teleported past a wall, crawled through an air duct, snuck behind an unsuspecting scientist, and then… suddenly possessed the body of said scientist and violently exploded it into a ghastly puddle of dripping red guts.

Whoa. We said this was a cute, downloadable puzzle game, right? It is, and to see how human combustion – as well as ghost decoys, time-space shifts and cannonball corpses – can work as a part of that cerebral genre, watch our video preview of Warp below.

Your hosts: Charlie Barratt (Senior Editor) and Henry Gilbert (News Editor)

Warp releases on XBLA this February 15, and for PSN and PC on March 13 in the US and March 14 in the UK.

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