The War of the Worlds - Full Access Preview

The War of the Worlds, the book, is perhaps the most recognizable title in science fiction. The War of the Worlds, the radio drama, famously inspired mass panic in its listeners. The War of the Worlds, the films, have earned Academy Awards and hundreds of millions of dollars.

So what is special and memorable about The War of the Worlds, the videogame, due on XBLA and PSN late this year? To begin with, it’s not the shooter or survival horror you’d expect, but a throwback “love letter” to the gorgeously rotoscoped 2D side-scrollers of the 1990s like Out of this World and Flashback. Also retro is its purposefully unforgiving difficulty level – you’ll see our hero violently electrocuted more than a few times in the video below.

Finally, it stars Patrick Stewart!

For the entire full-access experience – in which GamesRadar editors Charlie Barratt and Carolyn Gudmundson play alongside War of the Worlds lead designer Lee Cummings – click the button above. You know the one.

Sep 20, 2011

Charlie Barratt
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