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Wall Street sequel postponed

Worrying news from Fox, who have decided that Oliver Stone’s Wall Street sequel will no longer be released in April, but will instead be delayed until September.

The studio have not given a reason for the about-turn, but it seems a strange one, particularly given that stars Shia LaBeouf and Michael Douglas have already been actively promoting the film.

Variety report that Fox have suggested the film, “is better suited for fall than summer," possibly with a view to avoiding the box-office juggernaut of Iron Man 2 .

Stone’s return to Wall Street will be set 23 years after the first one left off, with Gordon Gekko now promoting himself as a credit-crunch guru after a spell behind bars.

Looks like the red-braces brigade will have to wait a little longer to see how their hero has been getting on.

Alarm bells ringing, or just clever marketing? Let us know

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