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Wall-E review

After 700 years of doing what he was built for - he'll discover he was meant for throwing exploding boxes at switches


  • Cute cutscenes
  • Thankfully short
  • EVE's levels


  • Repetitive puzzles
  • EVE's levels
  • No polish
  • no presentation


  • + Cute cutscenes
  • + Thankfully short
  • + EVE's levels


  • - Repetitive puzzles
  • - EVE's levels
  • - No polish
  • - no presentation

As the game based off the newest "best movie ever," Wall-E has no real need to be good - kids are going to eat this up no matter what. And if they're lucky, their love of that admittedly fantastic film will overcome the fact that the game itself - a super-kiddie sort of "get from point A to point B" puzzle game - is a rusty bucket of broken-down ideas bolted together.

You work your way through a level by throwing boxes at switches, enemies, conveyor belts…basically anything that needs a good box in the face. Each type of box has a different effect but they’re basically used for the same purpose – launching Wall-E off ramps. Take for example the exploding blocks. The tutorial will tell you to place them behind you to launch Wall-E over gaps. Then there is the magnetic box. The tutorial tells you to place these in front of Wall-E to launch him over gaps. See it now?

Wall-E’s lover bot EVE comes to play every so often too. Her levels are simple races against the clock. Thankfully, they add some variety, but her sluggish controls will void out any enjoyment you may have had.

The game really fails because it never fully realizes its own gameplay mechanics. No puzzle will leave you scratching your head because they don’t evolve or become more challenging. The game just repeats the same tasks level after level.

What adds even more to the boredom is the complete lack of presentation. There is hardly any music and variation. This is a kid’s game but there’s no way this will hold their attention even for its short four-hour running time. Besides, there are ways to make a game for the young'uns that doesn't have adult gamers wanting to slam their heads with an oven door over and over.

The only genuinely good thing about Wall-E is the cutscenes. They’re verysimple but contain that Pixar charm. It’ll make you want to put the boring gamedown and go see the incredible movie instead. Wait a minute…that’s the game’s ultimate goal isn’t it? Well played Pixar…well played.

Jun 30, 2008

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DescriptionThe most fun you'll have cleaning up garbage comes from an adorable little trash compactor in this Pixar tie-in.
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Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)