Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price review

Daily Show host Jon Stewart once remarked that working for Wal-Mart wasn't much fun, but "it's better than a kick in the nuts". Which is what agitprop filmmaker Robert Greenwald gives the world's largest retailer in his scathing critique of its cynical business practices, anti-union ethos and impact on the environment.

Cataloguing everything from the company's exploitation of its hapless employees to its use of Chinese sweatshops, the Outfoxed director paints a damning portrait of a corporate Goliath whose malign influence is being felt in this country through its ownership of the Asda chain. The doc makes no attempt to be balanced; after all, Greenwald seems to be saying, Wal-Mart can stick up for itself. What it fails to tackle, however, is the shopper's complicity in its exponential rise.

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