Vote to Play one of next month's free PS Plus games including Broforce

Democracy will return to the PlayStation Plus free game selection next week. Sony announced that it will hold its second-ever "Vote to Play" event starting on February 9, letting PS Plus members vote to determine which of three games will join the Instant Game Collection: Action Henk, Assault Android Cactus, and Broforce.

Action Henk is a rhythm-infused racer where an assortment of disused action figures compete to clear toy courses as fast as possible. Assault Android Cactus is a frantic top-down shooter with cute anime avatars battling robotic hordes. And Broforce is a destructible, sidescrolling shooter, starring dozens of action movie bro-tagonists.

Just head to the PS Plus section on your PS4 dashboard and select "Vote to Play" once the event goes live to make your choice. Broforce is the only one I've played, and I'd recommend it if you like the idea of mixing a challenging 2D shooter like Contra or Metal Slug with destructible chaos. Blowing up half a base with a single rocket-propelled propane tank is eternally gleeful, and it's even better with your co-op buddy surfing on top and spraying ammunition.

Voting will conclude on February 22, and whichever game is selected will be free on PS Plus in March. The other two games will get a discount on the PlayStation Store as a consolation prize. Adorable robot vine climbing game Grow Home was picked over Zombie Vikings and Armello in August, so I'll be interested to see how this second round turns out.

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