Vote For Your Favourite Christmas Episodes!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, the festive period is nearly upon us again. So tell us which were your five fave examples of yulteide sci-fi TV

There’s nothing more Chrsitmasy than mince pies, presents and laser battles. Well, not on planet SFX anyway. What could be better as the nights draw in and the fairy lights go up than a Christmas-themed episode of your favourite telefantasy show…?

Oh, okay, they’re not all great. A lot of them have been schmaltzy nonsense. But there have been some brilliant ones too.

So what were your favourites? Here’s your chance to tell us, and we’ll reveal the results on the site Christmas Eve. You can nominate up to five episodes from the list below, or even suggest your own (because there are bound to be a few we’ve forgotten). If you’re having trouble remembering which Chrissy X-Files episode was which, we’ve provided links to episode guides at the bottom.

The Avengers “Too Many Christmas Trees”
Buffy The Vampire Slayer “Amends”
The Dead Zone “A Very Dead Zone Christmas”
Doctor Who “The Feast Of Steven” **
Doctor Who “The Unquiet Dead”
Doctor Who “The Christmas Invasion”
Doctor Who “The Runaway Bride”
Doctor Who “Voyage Of The Damned”
Doctor Who “The Next Doctor”
Doctor Who “The End Of Time”
Eureka “O Little Town” *
Ghost Whisperer “Holiday Spirit”
Hercules, The Legendary Journeys “A Star To Guide Them”
Journeyman “Home By Another Way”
Lois And Clark “Seasons Greedings”
Lois And Clark “’Twas The Night Before Mxymas”
Millennium “Midnight Of The Century”
Millennium “Omertà”
Pushing Daisies “Corpsicle”
Quantum Leap “A Little Miracle”
Roswell “A Roswell Christmas Carol”
The Six Million Dollar Man “A Bionic Christmas Carol”
Sliders “Seasons Greedings”
Smallville “Lexmas”
Smallville “Gemini”
Space: Above And Beyond “The River Of Stars”
Supernatural “A Very Supernatural Christmas”
Tru Calling “’Twas The Night Before Christmas… Again”
Warehouse 13 “Secret Santa” *
Wonder Woman “The Deadly Toys”
Xena: Warrior Princess “A Solstice Carol”
The X-Files “Christmas Carol”
The X-Files “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas”

* These are both airing in the US on 7 December if anyone wants to wait to see them

** Okay, we know the chances of anyone actually ever having seen this are slim, but if we don’t include it, there will be complaints…

Dave Golder
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