Viva Pinata - hands-on

What we found when we first set foot in our garden was a tattered and barren hellscape full of weeds and discarded industrial waste. In order to coax wayward pinatas into our glade, our first order of business was clearing away the trash and beating the parched earth into something resembling fertile soil. This proved to be the easiest it would ever get, because once we'd rid our garden of pinata-unfriendly waste, the little buggers started arriving in droves.

Okay, maybe the action didn't ramp up that quickly, but as soon as we had a decent crop of Whirlms, Buzzlegums, Sparrowmints and Raisants, we discovered one of the major blockades to our continued success: some pinatas can't stand the sight of each other. This was particularly true of the Buzzlegums and Raisants, and it was both disturbing and decidedly hilarious to watch these cute little garden-dwellers go after each other tooth and nail (or mandible and stinger, as it were).

After we ran out of breath laughing at the Buzzlegum/Raisant fracas, we were struck by the realization that if we didn't do something to quell this pinata uprising, we were going to be fresh out of pinata guests. Something had to be done, so we began a ruthless campaign of oppression that involved whacking unruly pinatas with the broadside of our shovel. To our delight, that seemed to work.