Video: Are Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3s power levels still crazy?

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is an updated package to the long-awaited sequel that hit store shelves early this year. Among the many new additions to the game is a much expanded roster, new costumes and stages, online multiplayer fixes, and a mode where you can play as Galactus. But to a select group of nerds, one question remained: Were the power levels still incredibly wrong?

In case you missed our video months ago, the original MvC3 had bios for all the characters and each had their power levels and attributes listed in the Marvel style. The only problem was that through some mistake, Capcom characters had way higher stats than the Marvel characters, some ludicrously so. Henry, Mike, with special guests Chris Antista (PC Gamer) and Brett Elston (Capcom Unity), teamed up to see if the issue had finally been fixed. The results may surprise you.

And here’s the original video of the wacky power levels in case you missed it.

Henry Gilbert

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