Valhalla Knights will mash up the PSP

PSP heads, we see how you live, and that's no way to treat yourself. You used up the last of your stash of good games, and Sony's left you shivering in an alley. Well, game publisher XSEED is ready to rescue you. It has a new action RPG called Valhalla Knights, a certified monster-mash of dwarves, elves, ninjas and samurai.

Once you create a character, you'll roam through forests, dungeons, castles, and streams with a small band of adventurers. You'll slay dragons, ghosts, giants, and vampires, with the ultimate goal of defeating the evil Dark Lord. Tired concept, you say? We'll see. The developers are trying to spice it up by adding in 150 kinds of enemies to fight, and a big pile of armor and weapons to hunt for. They're also touting full online functionality, with 30 co-op undertakings and a vs mode.

Already released in Japan, the game will mess with Texas and the rest of the nation in early 2007.

October 11, 2006