US Sci-Fi & Fantasy Cable Show Ratings

True Blood ’s audience continues to grow; Warehouse 13 slips

True Blood is one of the big winners on US cables channels this summer, with viewing figures up 20% over last year. This still makes it easily the biggest show on HBO, with an average of 4.8 million viewers per episode.

Warehouse 13 continues to be Syfy’s biggest success, though it could not match its record breaking figures of last year. This summer it is averaging 2.6 million viewers per episode, which is a drop of 21%. Channel stablemate Eureka has remained steady at 2.4 million viewers, while Syfy newcomer Haven is averaging 2 million viewers.

Comedy Central’s Futurama revival (2.2 million) slipped significantly from its stratospheric premiere figures to settle into a stable, non-cancellation troubling groove.