Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

When we first saw Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, it looked like a high-definition remake of the PSP adventuring series - and a not-so-exciting way to say hello to the PlayStation 3. Now that it's had a little more time to simmer, it's starting to stand out. With the graphics tuned up and the gameplay refined, Untold Legends begins to seem like an adventure worth embarking on.

The revamped warrior character is a far cry from the steroid-soaked joke that the game debuted with. Though he's still a tower of meat, his proportions are much more reasonable - by fantasy hero standards, anyway. Swinging a huge hammer, he's clearly the character to choose if you like to wade into crowds of enemies and send them flying - it's brawn over brains, here.

Speaking of paring things down, the warrior will be joined by just two characters - a mage and a scout. Details on those two are still thin. There are only three characters this time - in a bid to make them play so differently you'll want to give the game three spins. Unique combos and totally different abilities for each should contribute to each character's uinque feel and gameplay style, as well.

Though the story will remain much the same for each, all three have their own motivations for undertaking the quest. The scout fights for vengeance against the king; the mage to assume his role and control of the realm; the warrior fights for justice and peace - all leading to different conclusions.