Unreal Tournament III

For a while you’ll be able to ignore it, carrying on with the petty squabbles and demands of your faction, but it’s not something you can ignore forever. To begin with, the Necris send in the Krall - horned reptilian chaps who thrive on outnumbering squads - and then the Necris and the big guns of their terrifying armory start to hit the ground. After the invasion, you return to familiar maps that have become infected with the goopy nanoblack that not only runs in the Necris’ veins, but also is pumped through their lands. Dark clouds hang over Necris bases, black bony tentacles punch through walls and viscous black liquid oozes where clear water once ran. In short, in single-player and multiplayer alike, it’s pretty obvious at which end of the map the goodies and baddies live.

In the single-player campaign you won’t be alone in your fight either, since Epic doen’t want you to feel like you’re relentlessly fighting alongside barking AI bots. There’ll be four main characters in your team, with plenty of verbal sparring, neat dialogue and personal tics crammed in. The aim is to make them feel and fight like real humans, though if you want to test the comparison there will also be a four-player co-op option with all the usual drop-in/drop-out functionality.