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Five blokes wake up in a warehouse. None of them can remember a damn thing. One of them is tied to a chair, another shot and handcuffed. A newspaper headline screams of kidnap. It must be something to do with them...

Intrigued? Don’t be. Simon Brand’s puzzle-movie may sound like the new Memento or Saw, but Cube 2 is a better match. It’s not the actors’ fault, the strong ensemble (Jim Caviezel, Greg Kinnear, Joe Pantoliano) squirming like weasels in a sack as they shift allegiances. The blame must be aimed squarely between the eyes of debut director Brand, who chops and cleaves at the action like Jason Voorhees wielding a machete. Not so much editing the film as bludgeoning it, any suspense is bled dry long before we get to the final convulsion: an all-too-predictable twist.

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